Here at LaPulia Studio we are proud to produce some of the world's best religious Holy books, and Holy Quran is one of this books.

Our goal is to create a book that will last for many, many years to come and will be passed down from generation to generation with its Muslim family history, Islamic Tradition and Family Values.

Create your family's Holy Quran - bound in high quality calf skin or lamb skin genuine leather and made with archival grade materials that will not yellow, tarnish, discolor or otherwise become unusable with age.

Your Holy Quran will become an instant family heirloom and will be cherished and revered for many generations. If however for any reason your Holy Al-Quran is not performing the way it should, we will fix or replace it no questions asked.

Dua to Say After Witr Prayer

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) would recite (the following chapters) during the witr prayer:
Surah al-A'laa
Surah al-Kaafiruun
Surah al-Ikhlaas
After giving the salam the prophet (PBUH) would supplicate 3 times:
‘How perfect The King, The Holy One is.’
On the 3rd time the prophet (PBUH) would raise his voice, elongate it and add:
‘Lord of the angels and the Ruh’ (i.e. Jibraa’eel).